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CanaPrep 2021-2022 update

Starting September 2021, CanaPrep will start it’s sessions via Zoom.
Each session is 12 lectures and will be offered twice weekly.

Lectures Days/Times:
Sundays & Wednesday 8:00 – 9:00 PM

Upcoming sessions:
  • 2/27/2022 – 4/09/2022 (Registration closes on 2/27/21)

  • Rules and Regulations:
  • Couples must have 90% attendance. Course duration is approximately two months.
  • Couples must have their zoom camera ON at all times.
  • Complete honesty and transparency with personal information.
  • Couples are required to complete all questionnaires/tests during the course.
  • Please keep in mind that the questionnaires are there to guide you to have an open conversation with your future spouse. This is meant to deepen your connection, communication and strengthen your bond together.
  • Speakers are available to answer any questions/concerns.
  • Couples are encouraged to participate during the live sessions on Zoom.

  • Please note:
  • It is required to sign in to the Zoom sessions using the same email of your registration, in order to mark your attendance.
  • Registration must be per person, not per couple.
  • An 80% passing score will be required on each quiz to receive a certificate of completion. Maximum of 3 trials to pass each quiz.
  • The online sessions will not be available anymore.

  • CanaPrep registration and payment links
    (Individual Registration and payment required)

    For questions, email: [email protected]

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