2016 Fall Session Lecture 9 Review Questions

Lecture 9

* 1. I can marry a non religious person and I can teach her or him the basic of faith.
  1. True
  2. False
* 2. Arguments and disagreements at the beginning of marriage are bad sign.
  1. True
  2. Fale
* 3. To tell my spouse everything is a good way of communication.
  1. True
  2. False
* 4. You arrive very late after a long day of work. Your wife did not cook dinner. What would you do?
  1. What have you been doing all day? You did not cook dinner for us?
  2. No worries dear, we can eat any thing.
  3. My mother always had dinner ready for us, though she was a working woman.
* 5. Your husband arrives very late from work, you were suppose to go out for dinner. How would you deal with him?
  1. You don't look at him and make him feel very guilty.
  2. You ask him if he had his phone with him all the time.
  3. Welcome home, I was worried about you, are you ok?
* 6. On Thanksgiving dinner you (wife) burned the turkey. His family was invited for dinner. How would you deal with this situation?
  1. Humiliate her in front of everyone, to make sure they believe you are the boss of the house.
  2. When everyone leave, you investigate how such a problem happened.
  3. Forgive her and get together to cook something nice for the family .
* 7. He shared with you that he knew many girls before you. What would you do?
  1. You keep thinking, what would he have liked about them
  2. Forget completely about the past and concentrate about your marriage.
  3. Share with him your experiences with the guys that you knew.
* 8. You discovered certain traits about your husband that you don't like.
  1. Tell him openly what you don't like about him.
  2. Point out to him that other men have certain traits that he should follow as an example.
  3. Channel the love that you have for him, to accept him as he is and concentrate on strengthening the ever lasting commitment to him.
* 9. You just had an argument about how much you spent on shopping this month.
  1. You call your mother to complain about his stinginess.
  2. You vent out with your friend, to insure that you will not explode in his face.
  3. You wait till you calm down, and clarify the situation with him privately.
* 10. We had a financial problem that we did not expect.
  1. We borrow money from our parents.
  2. We open a new credit card, use the maximum money limit. When things get better, we pay it off.
  3. We gather in our praying corner, expose the whole problem to our Lord and ask for His guidance.
* 11. My phone, emails and messages are private to me.
  1. I should create password that I only know.
  2. Create a password and share it with my wife.
  3. Leave my phone without any password.

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