2015 Fall Session Lecture 12 Review Questions

Lecture 12

* 1. Sexuality in this lecture means:
  1. Sexual intercourse
  2. The sexual life between the married couple.
  3. The system that God created for humans to resemble Him in His mystery of Love an in His image.
  4. Satan views about sex.
  5. None of the above.
* 2. All of the following are Christian views of Sexuality EXCEPT:
  1. It is a unifying tool between the spouses.
  2. It reflects God's committed covenant to me.
  3. It demonstrates God's sacrificial love.
  4. It has the same effect in and outside of marriage.
  5. It's God's gift to humanity to share His characteristics of communication, celebration and creation.
* 3. Sex in God's eyes is:
  1. Created only for procreation.
  2. Holy
  3. Sinful
  4. Less desirable
  5. None of the above
* 4. Sexual ideas that are from Satanic war against Christian family include:
  1. The main purpose of the sexual relationship is that husbands take their "right" from wives.
  2. Husbands and wives use this relationship as a tool to humiliate each other during conflicts.
  3. Porn videos are acceptable tools to help the spouses get excited once their relationship gets bored.
  4. It's ok if the relationship always pleasurable to one spouse only as long as the other one agrees.
  5. All of the above.
* 5. All of the following are true about sexual intercourse power in unifying the spouses EXCEPT:
  1. The servant attitude makes the two wanting to help each other in reaching satisfaction.
  2. God in His wonderful artistic design arranged complimentary anatomical differences that make the two unite in harmony.
  3. God designed even chemical hormonal mechanism to bond the spouses in love during the sexual act.
  4. God designed the same exact mindset in men and women to make them in harmony.
  5. Husbands and wives differ in their approach to sexual act and when they understand, bear with each other they unite in their differences completing each other.
* 6. Pleasure in sex:
  1. Is part of Satan's plan.
  2. Is God's creation and plan.
  3. Is a sinful feeling condemned by God.
  4. Is designed by God to condition the two spouses to each other in love.
  5. Is only essential for men.
  6. B & D
  7. A & C
* 7. Human sexuality demonstrates God \'s personality as a deep communicator by ALL of the following EXCEPT:
  1. It's a communication through the whole entire being that includes emotional, verbal and physical intimacy.
  2. In their sexual union the spouses get to know each other at the deepest level as each one reveals self to the other just like God revealed Himself to us in incarnation.
  3. The bible describes human sexual relationship with the verb "Sleep".
  4. God always attempted to communicate with His people and he did that by many ways in the Old Testament and through His only begotten Son in the New Testament.
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above
* 8. Which of the following statements is Not true:
  1. Sexuality is a gift of God that allows us humans to participate in His creation.
  2. Family planning is condemned by the church.
  3. It is a sinful act to use a method of contraception that includes aborting a zygote i.e. after conception.
  4. It is Godly to procreate and raise children for God, carrying His image
  5. It is ungodly to totally decide to chose not to procreate while practicing sex in marriage for selfish reasons only.
* 9. The bible teachings about the marital sexual relationship includes all of the following EXCEPT:
  1. The couple should abstain for significant amounts of time to avoid being defiled during Lents and prayer
  2. The main duty of the husband in the sexual relationship is to provide love and affection to his wife.
  3. The main duty of the wife in the sexual relationship is to provide her body in the best way to her husband.
  4. They both need to reciprocate their roles as well.
  5. It is absolutely forbidden to deprive one another unless with consent.
* 10. Which of the following is a recommended practical teaching about the sexual relationship in marriage according to the Christian view:
  1. Both spouses should value this relationship, actively participate in initiating and bring involved in it.
  2. Ideally, mutual and simultaneous orgasmic satisfaction occurs but it may take a servant mindset and a long duration to reach that ideal goal.
  3. Although it has a healing power during emotionally dry days, however it needs to be built on harmony as well.
  4. It is a fragile or delicate relationship that needs to be handled with care to prevent hurting each other's feelings.
  5. All of the above.
  6. None of the above

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